Useful Forms & Documents


You can now access a number of forms online.  In addition links to other relevant services where you can apply online for certain benefits and tax relief are also provided.

Forms must be completed in so far as you can before submitting them to the Practice for completion by the doctor.  A consultation with the doctor may be required in order to complete certain forms for patients.  


Covid-19  Supports

  • Enhanced illness Benefit for Covid-19.  Apply on-line - 


Medical Card Application Forms

  • Medical Card & GP Visit Card -  on-line.  
  • Under 70's Medical Card and GP Visit Card application - MC1 Form
  • Over 70's Medical Card and GP Visit Card application - MC1(a) Form.
  • Under 8's Doctor Visit Card  - on-line
  • Under 8's GP Visit Card - Registration Form 
  • Change of GP Form (Medical Card & Doctor Visit Card patients only)
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) - Application Form
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) - Apply on-line


Illness, Carer & Disability Benefit & Allowance Schemes


Maternity Benefits


Tax Relief for Medical Expenses

  • Claim tax relief for health expenses, apply online -Revenue on-line
  • MED 2 Form to claim tax relief for dental expenses
  • Prescription Charge Refund Form - PC1 Form
  • Tax Relief for vehicles purchased / acquired for use by people with disabilities - Form DD1
  • Claim for Fuel Grant in respect of fuel for drivers & passengers with disabilities - Form FG1
  • Apply for Primary Medical Certificate - Local HSE Office 
  • Apply for EU Parking Card via DDAI website - Apply online