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Dr. Darragh O’Doherty worked for two years in the Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital and holds a Diploma in Ophthalmology.  He runs a weekly Eye Clinic at Gorey Medical Centre by appointment where he looks after various eye conditions including glaucoma, monitoring of diabetic problems in the eye, diagnosis and referrals for cataract surgery. He has an interest in macular degeneration both dry and wet.  He sees acute eye problems including acute red eyes which may be related to trauma or foreign bodies in the eye.


In the course of the eye examination the vision is recorded, the pressure measured and depending on the problem drops may be used to dilate the pupils so that examination of the retina can be recorded. After having your eyes dilated they become very sensitive to light, so it is recommended you have someone to drive you home after your appointment.

To book an appointment Dr Darragh O'Doherty please ring 053 942 1303.