Travel Medicine

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Dr Maria Murphy has travelled many countries thoughout the world and has a keen interest in travel medicine. She will be happy to discuss your needs for whatever destination you plan to visit.

To book an appointment with Dr Maria Murphy please call the surgery on 053 942 1303


  • Travel Advice
  • Travel Vaccines
  • Pre and Post Travel Health Checks
  • Pre-Travel Questionaire 

If you are planning to travel abroad for a holiday or for business you may need travel vaccinations for some countries.  These vaccinations are to povide protection from certain risks such as:

  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria
  • Polio
  • Typhoid
  • Yellow Fever
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Rabies
  • Anti-malaria tablets may also be required for some countries

What vaccines do I need ?  How much will my vaccines cost ?

We advise that you book an appointment at least 8 weeks prior to your departure date to discuss and decide on your vaccination requirements. If you have had previous travel vaccinations please bring a list as this will help decide what you need.

Prices depend on the vaccinations required for your travel and include the cost of your consultation. Please ask at reception and they will have the doctor/nurse telephone you to discuss your needs.

Travel vaccinations are not covered under the medical card scheme.