Family Planning:

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Here at Gorey Medical Centre we offer a wide range of contraceptive methods. Including the Mirena Coil™ and the Implanon™ Contraceptive Implant.


Cervical Smears:

The practice is registered with the National CervicalCheck™ Programme. We can check if you are due a smear under the programme.

Cervical Smears are free to ALL Patients aged  25-60 with the CervicalCheck Program. For more information follow the Cervical screening Link. Click here.


Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening:

If after discussion with the doctor you require screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's), at Gorey Medical Centre we provide a full and comprehensive screening test. Depending on diagnosis the treatment is often a simple course of antibiotics to clear the infection and prevent the infection from spreading. However, some of them can only be treated to reduce symptoms but will stay in your system once you have been infected. It is important to get treatment early. A male or female doctor is available on request in the clinic.