Minor Surgery

Photo by castillodominici/iStock / Getty Images

Many common conditions can be treated very quickly with the use of minor surgery at Gorey Medical Centre with a local anaesthetic.

In order to assess the type of surgery that you need, you will be required to make an appointment with Dr Brian O'Doherty and have an assessment of the problem area. We will then be able to arrange an appointment that suits you.

At Gorey Medical Centre we provide the following treatments:

  • Skin Lesions

  • Skin Tags

  • Sebaceous Cysts

  • Abscess - incision and drainage

  • Ganglion-Aspiration/drainage

  • Wound Closure - suture/stitches

  • Cryotherapy - removal of warts and verruca - Walk-in Clinic Thursday (2:30 - 4:30) - Nurse

Surgery after care is very important, your body must heal in a timely manner and be free from infection that may occur after surgery. The doctors and nurses at Gorey Medical Centre will provide you with full after care instructions on the best way to look after any wounds as the result of minor surgery. We provide all patients that have had minor surgery with a follow-up appointment so that one of the medical team can check the progress of any healing.

Most of the above procedures are covered by your private health insurance. Please ask for details.